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Fine Art Gallery


In the digital age where everything is a transitory signal, there is more than ever an appreciation for finely crafted tangible prints. Fine Art Prints are images intended to evoke an emotion that continues to evolve through time. These prints often remain part of the fabric of one’s home for life, bearing witness to the many events that transpire while being viewed in all the conditions of light that cycle through the seasons and the different times each day. The value of these Fine Art Prints arises not only from the premium quality printing production by local Calgary printer Royce Howland, with archival inks on acid-free 100% cotton rag paper, but also in the relative scarcity and the artistic authenticity of each print. Each picture will have only 25 prints created and will be hand inspected, stamped, and signed by myself. With the purchase of each print you, or a person of your designation, will receive a complimentary one year subscription to Canadian Geographic magazine.


Featured Prints - Coming Soon

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