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Photo Guide For
Canadian Geographic

One of the roles of a Photographer-In-Residence is to be an ambassador for Canadian Geographic, as well as a photographic guide, on expedition tours to remote Canadian destinations in addition to international locations of renowned geography. If you are interested in joining Scott on any of these opportunities please contact him directly through this website


Certified Marine Guide

Scott’s greatest joy when it comes to working as a photographer is his role as a marine guide where he tours passengers as their zodiac driver, through arctic waters along the face of glaciers where polar bears feed on seals and whale flukes rise against the backdrop of shear blue ice. It is an intimate and raw connection to nature that very few people are fortunate enough to experience. Scott is an STCW certified guide with cold water submersion training, marine radio licence, wilderness medicine training, and a licensed Canadian medical doctor. He also has his level 1 certification from The Commercial Bear Viewing Association (BC).


Check out the Trips below to see where Scott has been and where he will be going next, and if would like to join please contact …

Upcoming Excursions

Adventure Canada


2022 - Out of The Northwest Passage

Aurora_Kanger_WEbsite - 2.jpg

Adventure Canada’s premier epic voyage through the Northwest Passage, this 17 day expedition travels to the northernmost civilian community in Canada (Ausuitttuq) on Ellesmere Island before heading even further north toward the North Pole through Smith Sound. Turning southward the voyage then traverses the stunningly beautiful coastline of Western Greenland, passing through Disko Bay where 90% of the icebergs in the northern hemisphere originate. Often the journey ends with a spectacular display of Aurora Borealis as the ship proceeds inland through the longest single Fjord in the world, Kangerlussuaq.

Scott has been a Resource Staff member for Adventure Canada since 2014, providing both the role of photographer and expedition team member zodiac driver. Adventure Canada is an award winning ship-based expedition-travel company that is proudly Canadian and family owned and operated. Although Adventure Canada offers excisions around the world their speciality is the Canadian Arctic and East Coast, as well as Greenland. Travelling with them is very enriching as they provide dozens of resource staff including writers such as Margaret Atwood, and explorers such as Les Stroud, along with geologists, ornithologists, musicians and photographers, to create a transformative travel experience.


Maple Leaf Adventures



September 2021 - Great Bear Rainforest Photo Trip 


Journey into one of Earth’s greatest wild places. Robert Kennedy Jr. calls it “the last stand of the great North American rainforest”. It is a land of fjords, mountains, rainforests, and great river estuaries. It is home to grizzlies, wolves and the mysterious white Spirit Bear. This special trip with Canadian Geographic is timed for peak experiences of natural beauty and wildlife.

In 2014 I had the privilege of exploring the Great Bear Rainforest wilderness with Maple Leaf Adventures, aboard their magnificent heritage schooner. To further gild the lily, wildlife artist Robert Bateman was the onboard naturalist! The beauty of this pristine coastal wilderness, along with the awakening to ecological knowledge from our captain and crew made this one of the most memorable travel experiences I have yet to experience!

Interested in joining Scott on these or other excursions?  Contact him for details and exclusive offers for his website visitors.


Exodus Travels
Through the Canadian Geographic Society


October 2021 - Classic Kenya 4WD Safari 


No country, perhaps, is more synonymous with a classic African safari than Kenya. Step into scenes from ‘Out of Africa’ accompanied by renowned RCGS Photographer-inResidence, Scott Forsyth on this Exodus Classic featuring exclusive upgraded accommodation for the RCGS. An innate curiosity of the natural world combined with his passion for landscapes has made him the perfect host on this adventure through the best of Kenya. Scott will be on-hand to help you capture the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife and dramatic scenery through the lens of your camera.


Take a look back at some of my past excursions by clicking any of the photographs below.

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