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Adventure Canada


Out of the Northwest Passage

September - 2016

Participants joined me on this epic voyage as we traced the route of the infamous Northwest Passage. This voyage had it all, from seabirds and whales, to icebergs larger than the ship, and northern lights so intense you could hear them. The history, geography, and scenery, along this 2600 nautical mile expedition was so inspiring its difficult to describe. Let the pictures speak for themselves. I was aboard as Adventure Canada’s resource photographer, guiding anybody interested in taking photographs that I knew they would treasure for years to come.

The journey began with a charter flight from Edmonton to Kugluktuk, where we boarded the Ocean Endeavour and set “sail” on an eastward route through the Queen Maud Gulf, where Franklin’s ship Erebus was discovered, before heading north to the spectacular bird cliffs of Prince Leopold island. Our last Canadian destination was Grise Fjord, the northernmost civilian settlement in Canada, located on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island. Crossing Smith Sound, through the September pack-ice, we then traveled to Qaanaaq, the northernmost civilian settlement in the world, before heading south along the western shore of Greenland toward Illulissat Icefjord, the most active glacier in the northern hemisphere, calving twenty tons of ice each year. 


Take a look back at some of my past excursions by clicking any of the photographs below.

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